A Note On Commenting.

20 Jan

Right, so… I’m afraid I have to follow the recent examples of other bloggers and shut down comments alltogether for a while (CENSORSH…!!1!).

Obviously, I moderate anyway but a) that’s no fun and quite exhausting (lately, excitment over many new comments has been replaced with ominous apprehension – sadly, I’m usually not wrong here), and b) my inner educator wants to respond to the same BS over and over again, and that’s just as useless. So, two lessons for me: 1. It doesn’t matter what one writes, people don’t read it or don’t care anyway (also, they really, really want to use racist slurs towards you, it’s a bit of an obsession, apparently) and there’s no special snowflake exception for me here, 2. Don’t link to almost-mainstream blogs – within mere minutes there’ll be a number of terribly well-intentioned dudes mansplaining to you why it obviously makes total sense to use N* in this particular circumstances, blablabla (nope, can’t be bothered to dispute that again and again).

Pingbacks will remain possible, and comments will open again in a little while. In all honesty: many thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from (some of *ahem*) you soon :)!

[CN: (parody relating to) misogynistic, heterosexist, racist comments.]

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