Show Yourselves Out.

17 Mar

What is it with “conservative” people? Not even the term does their political agenda justice, because it is not about the conservation or preservation of any “traditions” that have shown to work out well for most people, it is about pushing an agenda of discrimination against anyone and anything who/that does not comply with their world views and/or their personal preferences.  If it is about conservation and preservation, it is about the conservation and preservation of kyriarchy, of white supremacy, of sexism – paired with the goal of not only keeping discriminatory structures the way they are, but of actively furthering them.

There have been studies that tried to show that prejudices are actually linked to a lower IQ. Personally, I think those are crap. Clearly, a lack of education seems to result in ignorance many times. This does not mean, however, that people who have not had the privilege of higher education are automatically discriminatory in their behaviour (yay, classism!), and nothing could be further from actual reality than claiming that people who are well-educated or (self-proclaimedly…) smart are automatically “liberal” or anything the like in their way of thinking. Indeed, trying to put people into boxes according to simplified schemes, like this study does, seems to be exactly what conservatives do, and yet, a strategy the academics who conducted this study employ just as well.

In fact, being conservative translates, to me, as being a bad person – a smart one or a dumb one (whatever the definition of that actually is – and it seems to be a rather conservative approach to measure alleged IQ levels according to standardized assumptions of intelligence… just sayin’…). Yes, that’s right, self-declared conservatives are bad people – I am making a moral judgement here. Because if you are “conservative” in the face of all the types of discrimination that this political stance within the present day discourse inherently contains and perpetuates, you are an asshole who enjoys seeing other people suffer.

 I mean, in the face of overwhelming evidence of how horribly discriminating conservative policies are to women, to people of colour, to LGBT folks, to everyone who has not inherited a shit load of money, to “disabled” people, to old people, … how could you possibly advocate them? So, to me, conservatism, given all the horrible implications it has (which defy every claim of “Christian” or whatever love and compassion of whatever religious grounds some people evoke to justify their political stances), is much less about intelligence, respectively stupidity in the “I.Q.” sense, as about people simply being horrible people who don’t give a damn about anyone else and rejoice in the suffering of others who they deem “inferior”. That’s not a mental illness, that’s not an intelligence issue, that’s mere malignity and indifference to anyone who is not white, male, heterosexual, cis-gendered, rich and Christian. And no amount of religious talk will change that.

Having a Black president is apparently a good reason for a new wave of civil rights backlash, as the Tea Party shows time and again. Moreover, elections on state levels have had some rather troubling results, as (not only, but primarily) Republican-led legislatures are keen on showing. Lately, Arizona seems to be striving for a “worst state in the US” lapel pin. Not only did they pass one of the most disgusting “immigration laws” (SB 1070) almost two years ago that allows the detainment of “suspected illegal immigrants” and racial profiling by the police, but, as so many other states in the US, Arizona seems to aim for an unapologetic theocracy with a hint of white supremacy.

Arizona’s Senate has now actually passed a bill that legally encourages doctors to keep medial information from their pregnant patients who might chose (or have to chose!) an abortion in the face of these facts. That’s right, the bill protects doctors from legal persecution who decide not to tell women about a potentially life-threatening complication during their pregnancy, for example, because they personally condemn abortion under any circumstance. Total normal stuff, right? Totally ethical, totally constitutional.

I am quite sure the legislature in Arizona is not completely clueless. The sponsors of this bill are probably well aware of the fact that it is unconstitutional, and endangering the lives of actual human beings present in this world, even though they don’t seem to see women as such. As in other states, lawmakers not only try to pass the most outrageous stuff in the hope of pushing the discourse past former taboos and in the hope of keeping at least one new radical anti-abortion provision while having to strike more extreme others, but also to eventually have the Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade when one of these laws might finally be challenged in front of the highest court.

This is not stupidity. This is no lack of education. This is an ideological agenda. This is quite openly saying that they believe a zygote’s life is more important and more protection worthy than that of a woman. Immigration laws like SB 1070 are openly saying that people of color are considered foreign and have to prove their citizenship credentials, and that people who have not been born north of this or that (imagined, yet, rigorously enforced) border are considered worthless.

Legislators who voted for this latest bill voted for unapologetic misogyny – the degradation, manipulation and endangering of women because they see them as mere incubators who do not deserve to make decisions about their own bodies and should neither have a voice nor dignity.

But people in favor of such bills are not stupid and  therefore conservative. They are conservative because they are bad people. And this is why they can show themselves out, why I refuse to enter any debate with people like them, and why I do not have the least bit of sympathy for “religious” legislators who still (pretend to) believe they are doing this for some sort of Greater Good… No courtesies for assholes, because they hate you anyway.

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