In the meantime…

9 Feb

As some might have noticed: I am suffering from a massive lack of time to blog right now – and will be during the next months… lots of work-related travelling to peculiar places, a lot of annoyance to bring to poor archivists with my funny requests… – and the lack of time is so frightening that I don’t even dare procrastinate with blog posts (like I usually do :)).

However, there are things to be said (duh…) – so I’m grateful for stand-up comedy like this one and will continue posting stuff other people have said much better and funnier than me anyway. There will be shorter comments on the usual dose of clusterf*cks (…note to self: since when do I G-rate fuck? I might as well just write it as I always do… CLUSTERFUCKS! There, I said it. Again.) and the occasional blog post, nonetheless – because I usually run into trouble ;) -, so I hope to “see” and “hear” from you soon!

[yes, anti-vegan humour is always a little dull, and the “Sorry, Africa”-thing is, well, ugh… but I still think it’s pretty awesome.]

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