12 Nov

“Thuringian Homeland Security” – doesn’t that sound like an organisation people join for fun and games, Bratwurst and beating up people of colour? And if that’s not enough, there’s obviously always the possibility to get your hands on some explosives, prepare the bombing of a synagogue, like your colleagues in Munich, or drive around the country to shoot people to death who you do not identify as german!

So-called comradeships in germany, closely intertwined with the ‘National Democratic [sic] Party’ and more often tolerated than fought against, sure are some fine institutions for neo-Nazis and all sorts of racist hordes. The latest and most drastic example would be what happened at Zwickau: two radical right-wing, apparent murderers rather committed suicide than get caught, a third, apparent accomplice bombed their communal apartment to hide evidence before turning herself in, and ten people have been murdered by this group which was able to hide for more than a decade from the police, aided and abetted by a network of radical right-wing organisations and sympathisers. Even better, they had already been surveilled by police for building fake bombs with a personalised swastika signature in 1997, but charges against them were dropped… somehow. A year later, police found 1.4 kilogram of TNT in one of the apparent murderer’s garage; the group fled and went underground.

Despite their greatest effort, in the ruins of their apartment, several propaganda videos titled “national socialist underground”, evidence for the group’s responsibility (or: involvement) in several murders and, apparently, pictures of at least three of their victims were found. Apparently, this group was responsible for a killing spree that is known as the “kebab murders” (more on that in a second…): nine people who were either german citizens with a migration background or Turkish or Greek citizens were executed with shots in the head between the years of 2000 and 2006 by unidentified murderers. Even worse, there are indications that this group (and/or the people surrounding them) are also reponsible for two attacks in 2000 in Düsseldorf and 2004 in Cologne respectively, where nail bombs, aimed at Turkish residents and Jewish students who were on their way to their language course, injured 22 people in Cologne and 10 of the students in Düsseldorf.

Yet,  the murder and attempted murder of people who some do not define as “germans” (and the planting of bombs, the beatings of people of colour and the never-ending effort to institutionalize “national free zones” for white people only) cannot be, according to certain spokes people of the german Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Verfassungsschutz), compared to any sort of “terrorist movement” like the RAF (Red Army Fraction), since the obviously very subtle radical right-wingers were “hiding” their motives and no “ideological superstructure” can be identified…

germany’s Federal Public Persecutor, Griesbaum, is now at least willing to admit that this group is some sort of a “terrorist cell”, carefully avoiding to call the radical right-wing structures that are underlying a group like this an organised movement in any form. Obviously, there is no need to point out the ridiculousness of statements like these – it would be really funny for its sheer stupidity, if it wasn’t so fucking sad and so fucking infuriating and so fucking dangerous.

But, to sum up: ten people (including a police officer) were shot to death. Radical right-wing groups collect explosives and were able to complete bomb attacks in several german cities, injuring dozens of people, and sometimes only failed due to sheer bad luck (as in Munich). From 1990 to 2009, 149 people have been killed by radical right-wingers (and that is the official number – as with many crime statistics, the estimated number of unrecorded cases tends to be a lot higher). And yet, politicians and certain media outlets are all up in arms about the alleged new left-wing organised terrorism (i.e., people setting cars on fire in Berlin or trying to sabotage rails; and although I am certainly not in favour of this useless dumbassery, the mere thought of comparing this to the murder of people because of their skin colour shows how disgusting some people really are).

Moreover, calling the radical right-wing executions of people “kebab murders” (obviously, excluding the german police officer the group has murdered…), is such an unsubtle sign of the everyday, pervasive racism on whose grounds groups like “national socialist underground” flourish. Apparently, in “the” german mind: people with parents from Turkey = foreigners = kebab. Furthermore, not all of the victims were Turkish (some were german citizens, for crying out loud), and only two of the victims actually worked at a Kebab place (two were green grocers, one worked at an internet café, one had a kiosk, one was offering his service as locksmith). Yet, it seems so much jazzier to mesh them together into a ridiculing term and stripping them of any individuality and dignity, and making it the biggest crime to rob german people of that dude who offered food on the corner.

Of course: it is convenient to be all morally scandalised by groups like “national socialist underground”, and yet not give a fuck about how people of colour are treated in their everyday lives (german citizen or not, that has been cleared up publicly since Advanced Chemistry have rapped about it twenty years ago), let alone at ‘foreigners” registration offices (usually conveniently placed at the outskirts of the city), or the racist rules and practices of residential obligation, deportation, repeated identity checks, flat-out discrimination, being the only (brown) person with a german passport to have to exchange a few words in german at the airport at pass control to be able to cross the imaginary yet very forceful border, or rather letting people drown in the Mediterranean or die of thirst in Arizona’s desert than anywhere near “the good life” on this planet.

So, as long as anyone calls this “kebab murders”, as long as this is not classified as a terrorist movement, as long as no one seems to understand the actual daily terrorism some people have to go through by skin-colour-default, the outrage over this is just flat-out feigned. And that is the actually horrid part about this news story.


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    Very good text.

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